CKLC 活動回顧 | 張崑崙書院高桌晚宴: 學生事務副校長做主題演講 “澳大住宿式書院系統”



莫啓明副校長以“澳門大學書院制度”為題做主題演講。他用豐富的圖片和簡明的語言,闡述了澳大住宿式書院 “1、7、5、2”的教育體系,也就是一年級的學生必須在書院住宿及體驗,通過五大書院教育舉措 (書院活動、共膳教育、書院課程、定期與導師見面、高桌晚宴),培養學生七項勝任力(公民責任心、全球競爭力、知識整合能力、團隊協作、服務與領導、文化參與、健康生活);同時,書院還為學生提供兩種關懷與支援,即關顧服務與學術支援。最後莫副校長勉勵學生利用書院這個多元文化平臺努力學習、提升自我,成爲一個可以勝任新世代各種挑戰的人。是次分享給學生留下深刻印象。


CKLC Event Review|CKLC High Table Dinner: VRSA delivered a keynote speech on “UMRC System”

CKLC organized its 1st high table dinner of the semester on the evening of March 8, 2023. This was also the first large-scale event of CKLC in the post-epidemic period. Professor Mok Kai Meng, VRSA, was invited as the keynote speaker to the event. High Table Dinner is one of the five measures of the UMRC education system, which provides an opportunity for college students to learn the ropes of social and dining etiquette and to practice how to communicate properly with distinguished guests, professors and fellow students in a formal setting.

Before dinner started, all the students stood up to welcome the guests, and then sang the CKLC college song together. The college master Professor Zhang Meifang gave a welcome speech  in which she thanked all people, including the students and  teachers, who made contributions during the epidemic, and wished the students good health and new achievements in the post-epidemic era.

VRSA Prof. Mok gave a keynote speech on the UMRC education and development. He explained the “1, 7, 5, 2” education system of the UMRC, that is, 1 year living experience in the residential college, providing 5 college education measures (High Table Dinner, college activities, communal meal participation, college courses, regular meetings with mentors), to cultivate 7 competencies (responsible citizenship, global competitiveness, knowledge integration, teamwork and collaboration, service and leadership, cultural engagement, healthy lifestyle); at the same time, the RC also provides 2 kinds of care and support for students, namely pastoral care and academic support. Professor Mok encouraged the students to take the advantage of the multicultural platform of the RC and work hard to become a good person who can meet future challenges. His lecture left a deep impression on the students.

During the dinner, the college band team and other CKLC students gave some wonderful performances, which raised joyful atmosphere to the dinner. The guests invited to the dinner included Professor Wang Chuang, Dean of FED, Prof. Desmond Lam, College Master of LCWC, Mr. Paul Pang, Dean of Student Affairs and a number of non-resident fellows and affiliates of the College.

作者: 劉海川(大二葡語研究) | LIU HAICHUAN (Y2 Portuguese Studies)