Established on the Hengqin campus in 2016, CKLC is the most recent addition to the residential college system at UM, which started in 2014 and has now grown to a family of ten colleges. Together with other residential colleges, CKLC strives to build a robust living–learning community as a foundation for implementing the Four-in-One Education Model and producing students prepared for the work and life of the 21st century.

CKLC is endowed by the Cheong’s family to honor Mr. Cheong Kun Lun, who is a famous Macao entrepreneur as well as a great contributor of the local community.

Layout and Facilities

CKLC is housed in Building W34, which is laid out in a C-shaped design, with stairs and elevators in each corner of the building. The ground floor contains public areas such as college offices, a mini-library, a dining hall, and various function rooms including study room, meeting room, TV room, music room, gym and sports activity room, laundry, and vendor machine zone. The dining hall not only serves meals but also hosts other functions. All these facilities constitute a vibrant hub of activities.

Building W34, located in the southwest of the campus, is one of the most convenience place which is easy to reach the Student Activity Center and the University Mall.

Room Types and Sizes 

W34 has more than 200 shared twin rooms. Each accommodates maximally 4 residents in two separate living rooms partitioned by the bathroom with toilet and tiled shower in the middle. There is a wheelchair accessible room on the first floor for the student with special needs.