Mr. Wang Kaichong, Ewan

I am Ewan, I look forward to meeting you and I am sure that we can have a lot of fun together. If you have any problems in your college life or academic study, do not hesitate to come to me. I will always be willing to help you. May you a happy and fruitful college life at CKLC and I hope that we will become good friends!

Ms. Zhao Jiayi, Joey

My name is Zhao Jiayi, Joey, a year-four student. I believe that I am a funny and nice person who can not only play with you, but also listen to you carefully. Whenever you have any questions in your life or study, please feel free to talk with me. Wish you all have an unforgettable time and enjoy your life at CKLC! Looking forwards to meeting you.

Our students love their resident life in CKLC.

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Ms. Iek Nga Man, Sonia

I am Sonia. I am a Year 3 student, majoring in primary education. I am a helpful and hilarious person and love everything about art. Feel free to talk with me if you have any question about CKLC. You can also chat with me if you are interested in art! Hope you guys enjoy the life in CKLC!

Mr. Li Ka Hei- Kalios

Hello guys, this is LI KA HEI. I am interested in many things. If you play the guitar, you can ask me to jam.  If you play games, you could invite me to team up, although I actually play bad. And I come from Hong Kong.  You can go to Hong Kong very conveniently from Macau. If you plan to go to Hong Kong for fun, just contact me. Furthermore, welcome to CKLC and enjoy your life here. Do not be hesitate to talk with me!

Ms. Li Xu, Lisa

Nice to see you here! ! I’m Lisa from Zhuhai. I love every fresh thing that is waiting for me to try and everything that makes me energized. That’s why I enjoy Sports that pulse my heart and study that excites my brain. Life is full of surprise, and it’s even more surprising that we meet in CKLC. Hope you always find yourself energized and refreshed with every surprise you encounter. Whenever you feel in need, I will be by your side. Shall we together start your wonderful life in CKLC?