Resident Tutor and Resident Assistant


Resident Tutors (RTs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who proactively provide care and guidance to resident students in each floor, and to ensure a positive living and learning environment in the College. A strong, committed RT and RA team is extremely important to the welfare of CKLC students and CKLC development.

CKLC RTA is a family of five groups: Elgance, Grace, Intelligence, Acumen and Virtue.

RTs and RAs organize activities for their floors and for the College as a whole, provide academic support to College members when needed, assist in the administrative functions within the College, stay attentive to safety and security issues on their floors and are the immediate point of call for residents of their floors when problems arise. Each RT and RA should be highly visible in the College, serve as a positive role model for all College member, support the mission of the College, inspire residents to be active participants, and act as a liaison between residents and the College Administration.

Resident Tutor
Resident Assistant