A 30-member delegation from Muse College of Chinese University of Hong Kong (ShenZhen), led by College Master Dr. BAO Zhiming, Resident Fellow Ms. CONG Ye and Mr. WANG Gongchen, visited Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) on April 21, 2018. The visit focused on in-depth RC exchange and multifaceted communication.
The group began by the sharing session, where College Master of CKLC, Dr. Peter YU surveyed the development of the time-honored friendship between CKLC and Muse College. He said a dozen of teachers from Muse College visited CKLC on 19 June 2017, serving as our very first guests after CKLC moved in W34. Then, on October 21, 2017 Muse College invited and hosted CKLC basketball team to play a friendly. And today, Muse College came and visited CKLC once again for a range of joint activities including RC sharing session, music concert and soccer game, the first of its kind in our relations. At the end, Dr. YU once again extended his warm welcome and wished all the activities a great success. On the sharing session, student representatives from both Colleges gave a detailed introduction on their college system, mainly involving college features, college life and student leader structure.
In the evening, CKLC held a Gala Concert where students from both Colleges delivered various fantastic performance. The piano performance, Chinese Lute and Zeng performance and the bamboo flute performance were great to listen to. The paper plane performance amazed the audience students and left them wanting for more. And the k-pop performance as a lighting element turned each audience student into part of the show. A highlight of the night was the band performance of CLOCK from CKLC and Wander Roof from Muse College which got all the students up and dance. Residential college was really an art place for students to display their talents as mentioned by Dr. Kevin, Associate Master of CKLC in his closing remarks.
On the next morning, student leaders of CKLC led Muse College a campus tour, allowing them to learn more about the University of Macau. The campus tour was followed by a friendly soccer game which fostered a strong feeling of trust and friendship between the two Colleges. This wonderful soccer game put an end to the visit. Dr. BAO, on behalf of Muse College, thanked CKLC for hosting such great Gala Concert and soccer game. He expressed strong hope that both Colleges should enhance cooperation, learn from each other, and make further progress together in future!

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