POSITION: President, House Association

FACULTY: Faculty of Law

MAJOR: Chinese Law

INTERESTS: Music, Travelling

Hi CKLCer! Greetings!

My name is Rachel and usually my friends would call me “Bee’’. Currently, I’m a Year 4 student major in Chines Law. Also, I am the President of the House Association for this academic year. I am an energetic person and I think I am a good listener, I love working with people, therefore I joint many other societies, I was the president of UMSU, a member of FLLSA, and I also am the president of Chamber Music Society of UMSU. So if you have questions or you simply just want to know more about the school? Come and talk to me, I won’t mind sharing my experiences!

To me, college is somehow a little bit different than a dormitory. I consider dormitory as a place for a student to take rest after whole-day classes, but college is something more, something different. I can tell you what I have learnt in these past 3 years. College is enthusiastic, it is meaningful and it definitely is amazing! Day by day, i learn different things while I threw myself into all kinds of activities held by student leaders and our college. More importantly, it gives us new paths to know more about ourselves!

In this coming year, we are so ready to dedicate ourselves and give you a better experience here, so please don’t hesitate and give yourself a chance to explore something new inside this college, perhaps, I may recommend you to join the house association! I promise you a memorable college life and splendid memories!