Leong Sam U, 梁心如

POSITION: Chair of Art and Culture WG, House Association

FACULTY: Faculty of Business Administration

MAJOR: Global business management

INTERESTS: Art, Design, Drama

Greeting! I am Leong Sam U, people always know me as Levana. I am currently a year 3 student major in Global business management and I am the Head of Art and Culture department of the House Association for this academic year.

Although I know that you may not be interested in reading my prolix and lengthy self-introduction, still, I am going to introduce myself and the expect-to-achieve goals of my department for this year to you.

I consider myself an outgoing and optimistic person. I have a great interest in art and design, also, drama. Art and Culture department is responsible for planning and organizing activities which are related to Art or could help to develop the college students’ knowledge in the aspect of culture. Hence, if you are interested in organizing activities or deepen your own understanding of the term “Art and Culture”, you are welcome to join the CKLC HA family.

In the coming year, I will try my best to organize more activities which could help intimate the relationship between students live in the college and develop the culture of the college. For only when a college has its own special, outstanding and unique culture, students who live in the college could then have the sense of belongings towards the college and every activity that held could then becoming meaningful and had its value, thus, I always consider creating a college’s own culture an important issue.

In my opinion, a good leader should have the willingness to serve society and self-sacrifice, and the ability to unite the team. I firmly believe that the best leaders are not trying specifically to lead. The best leaders are trying specifically to serve the society and themselves. As a result of their service and hard work, they become great leaders.

So, as this is the first year of your university life in UM, why not try once to be a student leader of your own college, and got yourself a fruitful and unforgettable Year 1 life?