Ms. Le YI HSIN 樂佾欣

POSITION: Chair of communication WG, House Association

FACULTY: Faculty of Business Administration

MAJOR: Marketing Management

INTERESTS: Food and vlogger

Hello! My name is Le YI-HSIN. My friends usually call me Lele or Una. I am a year 3 student majoring in marketing management.

In this coming year, I am the Chair of the communication working group in House association. It is my first time for being a leader in HA. Yet, if you have any problems, I will try my best to solve you. So, please feel free to find me.

I am a person who likes to face challenges. Also, I love having delicious food. My dream is to taste all the exotic dishes in different countries. I usually use videos, photos, and words to record my good life when I am travelling. (One of the reasons is that my memory is poor. I always forget the things easily XD)

Therefore, I hope you will have good memories of CKLC in this year. Me, as the Chair of Communication working group, will be responsible for recording the beautiful moments for every one of you! Don’t be shy when you are in the cameras. Furthermore, I will hold the activities related to publicity in the coming year. For example, workshop of teaching how to edit videos, writing articles which can catch people’s eyes and making distinctive posters.

Lastly, if you are interested in photography, writing, drawing, or want to gain experiences on communication, you are welcome to join my working group. I’m looking forward to your joining.