CKLC Mailing Address Notice


Below is an example of a student address in CKLC. Please remember to write your FULL NAME to ensure that you are able to receive your letter.

Please be noted that NO commercial activities in CKLC residential area, except with prior approval or assigned by the University (including any commercial letters).


請注意,除非事先得到學校的批准或由學校指派,否則不得在張崑崙書院範圍內進行商業活動 (包括任何的商業信函)。

After you finish the change-room / move-out procedure in CKLC:

  • Student need to change your address with the credit card companies, banks, mobile phones etc;
  • CKLC office does not redirect/keep mail for students who are not currently living in CKLC;
  • Please remember to update your mailing address after you change room or move out from CKLC;
  • If the student does not live in CKLC, the letter will be regarded as unclaimed. If you have an important letter, please do make sure it is sending your current living address.


  • 學生需要自行更改信用卡公司、銀行、行動電話等的郵寄地址。
  • 張崑崙書院辦公室不為目前非張崑崙書院居住的院生保留郵件;
  • 請記得在換房或搬出張崑崙書院後更新本人的通訊位址;
  • 如果同學不住在張崑崙書院,封件將被視為無人認領。如果你有重要的郵件,請確保它將寄到您當前的生活地址。

(Revised on: 18/08/2020)