Intelligence 聚智

Resident Tutor

Ms. QIAO JIAQI Iris 喬嘉琪

Hello everyone, welcome to CKLC family! I am one of RTs Iris Qiao, a second-year postgraduate student of English Studies. I’d like to make friends and if you like photography, sports and travelling, welcome to share your ideas with me. In addition, whenever you have any difficulties in your life or study, please feel free to turn to me. I will organize interactive activities such as sports competitions, hiking and cooking to boost our confidence in becoming well-rounded people.

Resident Assistant

Ms. ZHANG YIHAN Hester 張一涵

Hello, CKLCers, this is Hester, major in English Studies. I like travelling, reading and movie. I also enjoy taking part in any activities. If you have any questions or just want to talk to someone, I could probably be a good choice. I think reading and travelling to different places can make people wiser. Also, it is a great time for you to enhance your ability and obtain friendship by joining different activities in your campus life.

Resident Assistant

Mr. LEI KA HEI Kalios 李嘉羲

Hello guys, this is LI KA HEI and you can just call me Kalios. I am now majoring in Accounting. If you play the guitar, you can ask me to jam.  If you play games, you could invite me to team up, although I actually play bad. And I come from Hong Kong.  You can go to Hong Kong very conveniently from Macau. If you plan to go to Hong Kong for travel, just contact me. Furthermore, welcome to CKLC and enjoy your life here. Do not be hesitate to talk with me for any assistance!

Resident Assistant

Mr. WONG CHI KIN Dell 黃子健

Hello, my name is Dell. I’m a Year 3 student. My major is Mathematics Education. On weekdays, I would organize a board game party to invite friends to attend, hoping that we could find friends with common interests in the party. I will also organize some simple board game teaching. I hope you will enjoy friendship and laughter during the party. I like skateboarding and running. I’m learning how to take pictures and play the piano and I hope I can improve on these two skills in the New Year. If you encounter any problem in study or life, don’t be afraid of trouble and just ask me. I hope all of you in CKLC can have a wonderful year this year.

Resident Assistant

Ms. TAO YIWEI Demi 陶一瑋

Hi there, welcome to CKLC. I’m Demi, a year-3 student majoring in Computer Science. I’m from the northern part of mainland China but CKLC gives me a sense of belonging here. I hope we can make you feel like at home too. If you want to find someone to talk to or play with, please remember that there’s such person you can always turn to, Demi. I’ll be very pleased then. Wish you all have valuable time and enjoy your college life in CKLC. I can’t wait to see you.