Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) organised an experiential learning trip to Hong Kong on 7 February 2018. College Resident Fellow, Mr. Johnny Chan, led 15 students to the Hong Kong Museum of History and City University of Hong Kong. 

The group explored the vast “Silk Road” trade networks though visiting the “Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road” exhibition in Hong Kong Museum of History. A guided tour, complemented by the multimedia programme and interactive elements along the route, shown and reenacted the profound impact of silk road on Eurasian people. The idea of carrying more than just merchandises but also knowledge, cultures and beliefs, inspired and led the group to a further discussion on the current “Belt and Road” initiatives. 

After learning from the ancient trade route, the group were then guided to the City University of Hong Kong, where they were given a talk on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and another talk on “3D printing technology”. The group also had a chance to visit the lab of its 3D prints. Their talks taught us more than just to be innovative but also how to support students from their projects to a feasible business plan. 

This trip enabled students to learn from the history of Silk Road as well as the success stories from City University of Hong Kong. It stimulated and laid a foundation for a further discussion on the relationships between “Belt and Road” initiatives and innovations.

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