Grace 聚雅

Resident Tutor

Ms. LI XIAOTONG Cornelia 李曉桐

Welcome to our CKLC family. I am Cornelia, a Year four PhD student majoring in Business Economics. I am particularly interested in sports. I am passionate about health and fitness. I am also interested in travelling and reading to learn something specific. I am here to make your residential experience the best possible one, and to learn from you as much as you will learn from me. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me. I’m available for whatever you need. Wish you a happy college life.

Resident Assistant

Mr. LI YUAN Yuan 李緣

Hello everybody! Welcome to the CKLC family and lucky to meet you all here. I am one of your RAs this year and my name is Li Yuan. I am a second-year undergraduate student, just feel free to consult me about anything whenever you need.  I come from Guangzhou. I like playing badminton and I also have an interest in all other kinds of ball games. I’ll be willing to give you a chance to carry me. I will also be a considerate steward in your daily life when you have any trouble with the facilities or any other stuffs. And above all, don’t be shy at any time and just treat me as your big brother—a nice and useful one.

Resident Assistant

Ms. UNG WUN LAM Michelle 吳煥淋

Hello new CKLCers, a warm welcome from this wonderful family! I am Michelle, currently a local Year 1 Civil Engineering student from FST. I love to make jokes with my friends, watch movies, travel, and would like to embrace challenges and explore new things all the time. You are always welcome to approach me when you encounter any hurdle and would like to find a person to talk to. Please feel free to say Hi to me when we meet on campus. I wish you all a fruitful and memorable college life in CKLC. Leave no regret in your university life and I look forward to meeting you all.

Resident Assistant

Ms. LI ZICHUN Veness 李梓淳

Welcome to CKLC family. I am Veness, a Year 3 student from Faculty of Education. I am easy to get along with so please do not hesitate to make friends with me. If you’re an extrovert, I can dance, go shopping and hold parties with you. If you’re an introvert, do not worried. We can read, watch movies or go for a tea. Whenever you have any questions, you could talk with me.  I wish that I can help you deal with the problems in your college life. Looking forward to meeting you.