Elegance 聚文

Resident Tutor

Ms. ZHENG HAO Elbereth 鄭好

Hello, everyone, I’m Elbereth. I am a first-year postgraduate student, majoring in Chinese literature. I really hope to build an elegant family with you! I lived in CKLC during the four years of undergraduate study in the University of Macau. I know the history and love the activities of this college. I like singing, and I am the lead singer of the former band of CKLC. I also like traveling, photography and sharing travel experiences with friends. If you have any trouble in your study and life of CKLC, please feel free to contact me.

Resident Assistant

Ms. HO SOK IENG Cecilia 何淑瑩

Hi, guys. Welcome to the Elegance family! I am Cecilia, a year 3 student majoring in English Studies. I am a curious person and dare to try something new. Recently, I am learning French. I have a wide range of interests. Traveling is one of my hobbies. If you have any interesting travel experience, welcome to share with me. I also enjoy sports, including running, cycling, playing badminton and so on. I am an easygoing person and like to make new friends. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to talk with me. Wish you a wonderful time here.

Resident Assistant


Hi! This is Ewan! Welcome to CKLC! It’s my greatest pleasure to serve as a resident assistant this year. I love soccer and music. Currently, I am a member of our CKLC football team and band team. Should you have any difficulties with academy or life, or anything you would like to find someone to discuss, you are always more than welcome to approach me!

Resident Assistant

Mr. DING YIMING Eamon 丁一鳴

Hi, everyone! Glad to see you all! My name is Ding Yiming, a Year 2 Accounting student. I love reading, appreciating art and watching movies. These have shaped me to be able to appreciate others and be good at discovering advantages from others. And I am very willing to help others, so if you have any problem, feel free to ask me for help. For me, College is like a big family. We spread warm and love to each other. In the following year, I want to do my best to pass this love to each of you. I hope you can join us and enjoy your university life in CKLC. Wish all of you a good time in CKLC with us!