A group of CKLC students set off from Zhuhai to join a service learning and culture experience programme to Fujian Ningde on 20 Dec. This is a 5-day trip which involves visits to schools, lecture experience as well as culture experience. CKCL students started the preparation of their classroom activities a month ago. They have experienced the whole process from designing, preparing to delivering their lectures to the primary school students. The primary school students took part in the classroom activities actively and responded positively.

Fujian Ningde is a city with varied and colourful folk arts, which is also the city President Xi served as the party chief between 1988 and 1990. Aside from the lecture experience, CKLC participants visited some governmental organizations to know more about the development of the city. They were also involved in the culture experience of the intangible cultural heritage such as puppet lion dance and paper art, as well as the natural resources of the city.