CKLC Greater Bay Area Study Trip Series: Visit to Guangzhou on Nov. 16 – Nov. 17 (Saturday and Sunday), 2019

(1) 參訪微信總部、網易集團 (待定)
(2) 廣汽集團(豐田、本田、傳祺)(待定)
(3) 扉美術館、文創基地(潮青必去)
(4) DIY 手作工作坊

Dates: Nov 16 & 17 (週六日)
Fee: 50 MOP (已含活動中交通、酒店、吃飯費用)
Pre-Registration: Scan the WeChat QR Code
Priority to Local CKLCers

Note: We will confirm your registration later on. If you haven’t received confirmation yet, it means that you are still on the waiting list due to limited quotas. 由於活動名額有限,舉辦方將通過電郵或微信方式通知您報名是否成功。如未接到通知,說明您的報名還在候選名單上,謝謝您的耐心。
Participants should take care of his/her visa entering the Chinese Mainland.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email: or Tel: (853) 8822-9520.

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