From August 13 to 14, 2018, Cheong Kun Lun College happily received the freshmen mass check-in. Although the weather was not as good as expected, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the staff and students of the college in welcoming the new students. With the university transportation arrangements, the new students and their parents arrived in Cheong Kun Lun College in good order. As soon as they got off the shuttle bus, they were deeply impressed by the big welcoming banners, the friendly booths and very helpful college students. The college teachers and students helped the new students with their luggage and took them to the college hall to go through all the registering procedures. During the reception period, Prof. Ni, Vice Rector of the University of Macau, Mr. Paul Pang, the Dean of Student Affairs Office, and Prof. Zhang Meifang, College Master of Cheong Kun Lun College, also came and welcomed the new students and their parents. New student Chen said that he felt extremely happy because this was the first time he had experienced such a warm and friendly welcome.

After the arrival of the freshmen, the student leaders also carefully planned a series of ice-breaking games. Through playing the ice-breaking games, the new students are able to know each other better, increase the sense of belonging, and also release their uncomfortable feelings. CKLC also hopes to enhance the interpersonal and cooperative spirit of the freshmen through the icebreaking activity, while enabling the student leaders to develop leadership and service spirit.