The Inter-College Basketball Tournament “Master’s Cup” 2019 co-organised by all 10 Residential Colleges of the University of Macau, was kicked off in September 2019. After a series of friendly (but fierce) battles in Sept. and Oct. 2019, CKLC basketball team finally won the championship.

Previously CKLC basketball team was out in group stage in 2016, and then was eliminated by point differential in 2017, and then lost in semi-final in 2018, and then finally reached the final and won the championship in 2019. CKLC basketball team realized its dream of winning the Inter-College Basketball Tournament Championship!

CKLC achieved 4 victories in a row in the group stage of the competition, and then successfully won the semi-final by overcoming CKPC’s challenge. CKLC basketball team played against LCWC in the final. Players from both sides played at an excellent level. The two sides made every effort to steal the ball, interrupt passes, defend and attack. The fierce battle between the two teams won bursts of cheers from the audience. Not only did both teams demonstrate their respective strategies, but all the players also showed personal charm and spirit of teamwork. There was a high level of sportsmanship. In the end, CKLC won the match.


CKLC basketball team member Kyle Lafferty said: “Transitioning from high school basketball to university basketball wasn’t easy, especially as a foreigner who couldn’t understand the native language of my teammates. Even though I was from a whole different country, my teammates made me feel like I was really a part of the team. Playing in the CKLC basketball team is like being a part of a brotherhood, we play for each other and not for our own individual selves.”


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