CKLC and SPC participated in “Han Culture” summer camp

Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) and Shiu Pong College (SPC) participated in Han Culture Summer Camp organized by Cw Chu College of Jiangsu Normal University. The seven-day summer camp had a compact and substantial schedule. Seven seminars delivered by the professors and experts from Jiangsu Normal University were rich in content and thought-provoking. In addition to experiencing traditional Chinese culture like wearing Han Chinese clothing, appreciating Han music concert and making stone engraving art, participants also visited the historical landmarks such as Horse-training Terrace, Art Museum of Han Stone Gravings, Yaowan Ancient Town and Nanyue King Wen’s Mausoleum. The summer camp received unanimous praise from the participants. Here are the reflections of the two participants:

In this summer camp, I learned Han culture, Grand Canal culture, Peng Zu culture, etc. I am happy to visit many museums and participate in seminars.” – Tricia Chua Lee from SPC

During this trip, I get a deep understanding of the rich historical connotation of Chinese civilization, and the soul shock that books cannot bring to me; in Xuzhou Museum, Han Painting Museum, Hall of Fame and other places, I re-understand the rise and fall and development of Chinese civilization. This period of history is both vivid and realistic before my eyes, and I was once again moved by the changes in Chinese civilization for thousands of years. – Error NG Cheok Him from CKLC



這次交流中,我認識到漢文化、大運河文化、彭祖文化等等,參觀了當地很多博物館和聆聽了許多著名教授的講座,感到非常榮幸。” — 紹邦書院李凱蒂同學

“本次旅程中我深深感受到華夏文明豐厚的歷史內涵,和書本不能帶給我的心靈震懾;在徐州博物館、漢畫像石館、名人館等地方,令我重新認識文化的興衰和發展,一段段歷史在我眼前既生動又寫實,我再次被中華文明幾千年來的變遷打動。” —崑崙書院吳卓謙同學