On March 18th, CKLC Non-Resident Fellow Prof. Jeremy De Chavez from Faculty of Arts and Humanities provided an academic talk titled “It’s More Fun in the Philippines: A Cultural Guide” at Cheong Kun Lun College. This unforgettable and fruitful encounter of Philippine culture allowed students to learn more knowledge and characteristics of the Philippines.

In his talk, Prof. De Chavez offered a broad introduction to the Philippines that touched on language, history, culture, cuisine, as well as famous tourist destinations. He began with a brief language lesson that taught students how to greet and introduce themselves in the Filipino language (Tagalog).  He then spoke about how the multiple colonial experiences of the Philippines contributed to the shaping of its history and culture. He also discussed the significant cultural influence of China that is reflected in the language, food, and traditions of the Philippines. In addition, Prof. De Chavez suggested ways on how to minimize potential misunderstanding by identifying several Philippine cultural idiosyncrasies. He concluded his talk by discussing popular tourist attractions and by inviting the students to visit and discover for themselves the beauty of the Philippines.

College Master Prof. Zhang Meifang ended the talk by thanking Prof. De Chavez for accepting the invitation and providing such wonderful talk. She hoped that RC education can enhance students’ personal development to be well-rounded person with wide knowledge, interest and intercultural competence.