A group of CKLC students, headed by CKLC Non-Resident Fellow Prof. Chen Xiuping, Prof. Wang Ying from ICMS and Resident Fellow Dr. Sun Sisi, visited the transparent factory of By-Health on 16th March 2019 in Zhuhai.

Established in 1995, By-Health is an advanced supplier of vitamin and dietary supplements within the nutrition supplement industry. It established a “transparent factory” in Zhuhai in 2012 as a production base with strict quality control. The transparent factory is open to the public with the producing process visible.

Once entering the factory, students got a close look at every key production process as well as all of the testing for raw materials and finished products. During the visit, students learned the different producing processes of nutrition in pills, capsules and fluids. In addition, they got a chance to learn more about the production automation, as the nutrition supplement products are produced on an automatic line by more than 30 domestic and international equipment. The transparent factory has a two-floor high, more than 1000 m2 storeroom. Standing on the glass floor, students can see how the finished products are going in and coming out of the factory. By visiting the intelligent transparent factory, students also achieved the knowledge about the strict control on material selection and standard test before they can be put into production or be shipped out.

After the visit, students engaged in heated discussion about the nutrition and health. Prof. Chen and Prof. Wang shared their knowledge and experience to get students’ questions answered.