CKLC successfully held our first High Table Dinner on 25 October 2016. Over 200 teachers and students came together to share their enjoyable college life. Dr. Peter Yu (College master of CKLC), Dr. Alfred Wong (Associate Master and Chief of Students) and college staff welcome our distinguished guests Dr. Wu Zhiliang (President of the Board of Directors of Macao Foundation), Dr. Lam Kam Seng (Chair of University Council), Prof. Zhao Wei (Rector of the University of Macau), Prof. Jacky SO (Dean of Faculty of Business Administration and Chair-Professor of Finance), Prof. FAN Xitao (Dean, Faculty of Education), Prof. Richard Ye (Deputy Director of ICMS and Chair Professor), Prof. Zhu ShouTong (Distinguished Professor and Head of Department of Chinese Language and Literature), Mr. Paul Pang (Dean of Students), Prof. WONG Tak Wai, Dr. ZHANG Ze Xun and Dr. Alice LEI (Assistant Professor, FED), Prof. XU Ren-He (Professor, FHS), Dr. Brian Hall Dr. Davood Gozli (Assistant Professor in Psychology, FSS), Prof. Shu Lianjie (Professor, FBA), Prof. CHEN Huailin (Associate Professor in Communication, FSS), Mr. Danny ZHOU (Senior Instructor, FED), Prof. LI Hai-Feng (Assistant Professor, FST), Dr. Zhao Qi (Assistant Professor, FHS), Prof. Iris YUAN (Associate Professor in Management, FBA), Mr. Gordon James Kerr (Senior Instructor in Management, FBA), Prof. Chow Siu Fung (Associate Professor in Marketing, FBA), Ms. Barbara Weissmann (Senior Instructor of English Language Centre), Dr. WAN Jianbo (Assistant Professor, ICMS), Prof. U Leong Hou, Ryan (Associate Professor, FST) and Dr. ZHANG Xu, Steven (Assistant Professor in Accounting, FBA).

During the dinner, Dr. Yu gave the opening speech and expressed his sense of gratitude to all the CKLCers and introduced the House Association (HA) of CKLC. Representative of the HA, Mr. Toby Lam, gave a speech regarding the mission statement of HA. Mr. James Liu, representative of Ha, then introduced the Chairs of different HA working groups. Our honorable speaker, Dr. Wu Zhiliang, gave a great lecture regarding the “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road”. Besides, two of our CKLCers prepared the piano and violin performances, which highlighted the atmosphere of the event. One of our distinguished guests, Mr. Danny ZHOU, played a professional piano performance, which made a perfect ending for the dinner.

When the dinner came to the end, College Master, Associate Master and all distinguished guests took a group photos with CKLCers, which gave the dinner a memorable ending.

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