Cheung Kun Lun College (CKLC) successfully held the first High Table Dinner of the academic year 2018/2019 on 11 October 2018.

Honourable guests included: Dr. Lam Kam Seng, Chair of the University Council; Ms. Wong Hio Lai, representative of Donor’s Family; Mr. Cheong Lok Fong, representative of Donor’s Family; Prof. Yip Ming Chuen, College Master of Lui Chi Woo College; Prof. Mok Kai Meng, Dean of Honor College College and Master of Henry Fok Pearl Jubliee College; Mr. Pang Chap Chong, Dean of Student Affairs Office, Prof. Lei Chang, Chair professor and Head of Department and Ms. Livia Lee, Chairman of Association for creativity and music culture. We also had some guests sitting with the students, including: Mr. Forest Kam, Director of Association for creativity and music culture; Ms. Suey So, Secretary General of Association for creativity and music culture; Dr. XiuPing Chen, Associate Professor of ICMS; Prof. Jia Yuan, Associate Professor of FBA; Prof. Joanne Sow Hup Chan, Associate Professor of FBA; Prof. Jeremy Centeno De Chavez, Assistant Professor of FAH; Dr. Si Man Lei, Assistant Professor of FED; Prof. HaiFeng Li, Assistant Professor of IAPME; Prof. XiaoQin Li, Assistant Professor of FSS.

Prof. Zhang Meifang, the College Master, opened the ceremony with her welcome remarks and an introduction of the distinguished guests. In her remarks, Prof. Zhang also introduced the recent achievements of the College and the coming activities at W34. Prof. Mok Kai Meng was the keynote speaker who introduced the programme of Honours College, the opportunities and benefits HC programme would provide. He encouraged students to work hard and join the Honours College.

More than 200 CKLC students attended and dressed formally for the dinner. Performances include: Piano solo by Director of Association for creativity and music culture, Mr. Forest Kam; Singing performance by Ms. Milly Leong. The final performance is band show by Clock.

The dinner ended with a group photo, and everyone had an enjoyable evening.