On July 18-28, a learning group of eight students headed by College Administrators Mr. Ethan Chan and Ms. Kiana Lai from CKLC participated in an eleven-days Silk Road Cultural Exchange Program with students from Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. The program is centered on assist young people to cultivate world citizenship by visiting important cultural sites on the Silk Road, visiting cultural exhibition halls, and exchange forums.

The teachers and students first carried out a three-day field trip to Lanzhou, visited Lanzhou University, Gansu Museum and Waterwheel Expo Park, and made a simple and grand opening ceremony for this event. During the ceremony, teachers and organizers from four districts expressed their expectations for visiting the Silk Road. In addition to walking along the Yellow river to experience the city, the teachers and students also visited the <<Duzhe>> magazine and the Lanzhou Planning Exhibition Hall to learn more about the cultural history and future development of Lanzhou. It provided a chance for students to feel the unique culture of Lanzhou and help to develop the sense of leadership for future changes.

The three-day field trip in Lanzhou was followed by a six-day visit to the Silk Road. First of all, it came to Jingtai where most of the students were the first to see the Yellow River Stone Forest National Geopark. The organizers carefully arranged a tour to experience of the donkey cart, and the students walked through the geological park and felt the unique features of the geological park. Second, the trip was transferred to Zhang Wei. Although it was hot, the students were very excited about Zhang Wei’s colorful Danxia and took lots of photos. Student Lai said it is impressed to see such a beautiful scenery. Third, the trip came to Jiayuguan, which is famous for its terrain and spectacular scenery. Through a field trip to Jiayuguan, students learned the reason why it was the first frontier fortress at the west end of Great Wall and the main passes of the Silk Road. Fourth, along with the four-hour highway, the trip came to Dunhuang where with a thousand years of history. Students actively engaged in the great culture of Dunhuang by visiting the Mogao Grottoes, and riding the camels on the Mingsha Mountain and the Crescent Moon Spring. Students felt deep impression on the Silk Road. Student Leong said that the most anticipated part of the trip is to feel Dunhuang, visit Mogao Grottoes, and see Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring. It is an unforgettable experience to witness such a superb artistic accomplishment.

It is a very meaningful trip for students. Although the students have different historical senses, cultural traditions and values, they learned and grew up from each other, experience the wonders of nature, and inspect the history and culture of the country. Student Lei said that it was a special experience for him since he got the chance to experience the history and art of the Silk Road, as well as Muslim and Buddhist culture. He was proud of being able to learn and understand the history and culture of the country.

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