On 28 February 2019, Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) successfully held the 2nd High Table Dinner of the academic year 2018/2019.

Honourable guests at the high table included Dr. José Chui Sai Peng, Macau representative to the National People’s Congress and member of Macau Legislative Council; Mr. Cheong Cheok Kio, representative of our Donor’s Family; Prof. Lionel M. Ni, VRAA; Prof. Billy So, VRSA; Prof. Xu De Bao, Master of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College; Prof. Kevin Zhen, Master of Choi Kai Yau College; Prof. Zhu Shou Tong, Distinguished professor of FAH and Ms. Chen Fen, Director of the Business Management Department, Bank of China – Macau Branch. We also had distinguished guests sitting among the students, including Prof. Xu Minhui of FAH; Prof. Zhang Zexun of FED; Dr. Zhang Xu of FBA; Dr. Wong Hang Heng of FHS; Prof. Xing Guichuan of IAPME; Dr. Joshua Ehrlich of FSS and Dr. Kot Hung Wan of FSS.

The high table dinner started with the opening remarks by the College Master Prof. Zhang Meifang. She introduced update development of the college and positive changes among students towards college life, as well as her expectations for the students. Then, Master Zhang invited Prof. Billy So (VRSA) to give a speech. Prof. Billy So encouraged students to work hard on their studies and enhance their abilities via college life. He also hoped to have more opportunities to interact with students.

After Prof. So’s speech, Dr. José Chui Sai Peng gave a keynote speech, entitled Youth Development in the New Era. During his speech, Dr. Chui introduced his research result on the topic, and shared his own stories in growing up and in career development. Dr. Chui’s stories left a deep impression on the students.

Around 200 CKLC students, who were dressed formally, attended the dinner. Performances included a piano solo by Mr. Song Zhi Gao; singing performance by Miss Milly Leong, and the final performance by the College Band with four members: Mr. Wang Kaichong, Mr. Lin Zexuan, Miss Chen Xiaoru and Miss Wan Yingjia.

The dinner ended with group photos taken by an aerial camera. Everyone said that it was an enjoyable evening.