Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) and the ELITE Association for Creativity and Music Culture co-organized the second concert, which was held on the afternoon of November 16 at CKLC dining hall. The event attracted over 100 participants, including school pupils and middle school students of the ELITE and students and staff of CKLC, as well as a delegation from Beihang University. Professor Meifang Zhang, College Master of CKLC, said in her welcome address that the Joint Concert aims to provide a platform to both university students and school kids an opportunity to display their music interests and talents, and have fun together.

The concert was kicked off with the chorus My Motherland and Me. The audience and participants were so excited that everyone stood up to sing the song together. The chorus was followed by the music performance by the children from the ELITE Association, students of CKLC and Beihang University. The performance included guqin solo, flute solo, singing, piano solo and piano duet. The song “Looking at the Stars” sung by the Beihang teachers and students was arranged as the final item in the programme. With the name of the song, the concert was closed with the message that we will watch over each other under the same starry sky when we are away from each other. The concert was with a very warm and cheerful end.