On 18 September 2019, the University of Macau Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) successfully held its 1st High Table Dinner of the academic year 2019/2020. The President of the Legislative Assembly of Macau SAR,
Mr. KOU Hoi In, was the keynote speaker of this event. Altogether there were about 200 people, including the College Master and the guests, teachers and students, attended this formal event.

Prof. ZHANG Meifang, the College Master, made an opening remark and she also introduced the distinguished guests at the High Table Dinner. Mr. KOU Hoi In, president of the Macau Legislative Assembly, gave a keynote speech. Mr. KOU shared his personal stories with the students. With his experience of learning Chinese calligraphy, Mr. KOU pointed out that perseverance is the most important merit for success. He then mentioned how Macao history influencing the special ‘Association Culture’ in the local society. He encouraged students to participate more actively in local society or associations so as to gain better understanding and more experience about serving the local society and the whole country. His speech left a deep impression to the students.

After Mr. KOU’s speech, the dinner came to another exiting part. Mr. CHEONG Lok Tin, Cheong Kun Lun College Donor donated a grand Piano to CKLC for educational purpose. Mr. CHEONG hoped that a new grand piano would further strengthen student’s interest in music culture and to reinforce the local art development either.

Performances after the unveiling ceremony included piano solos respectively by invited guest Mr. KAM Sze Leung, students Mr. FUNG Chit Hong and Mr. SONG ZhiGao; Guqin solo by student Mr. ZHAO Rui; and the final performance by College band team ‘TIAA’, which formed by Mr. WANG KaiChong, Mr. LIN ZeXuan, Ms. CHEN Xiaoru, Ms. WAN YingJia and Ms. HE SiYi. The dinner was truly a memorable event for everyone.

Honorable guests at the dinner include: Mr. KOU Hoi In, President of the Legislative Assembly of Macau; Prof Yonghua SONG, Rector of University of Macau (UM); Mr. CHEONG Lok Tin, Donor of Cheong Kun Lun College and Chairman of San You Development Co. Ltd.; Mr. KAM Sze Leung, Chairman of Association for Creativity and Music Culture, Prof. CHEN JingHan, Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, UM; Prof. ZHANG BenZi, Master of Siu Pong College, UM;  Ms. LAM Yuk Yee, Director of Alumni and Development Office, UM; Prof. SUN YiFeng, Chair Professor of Department of English, FAH, UM; Prof. QU SongNan, Professor of IAPME, Prof. YOU ChengCheng, Assistant Professor of FAH, UM; Prof. YANG Xi, Assistant Professor of FBA, UM; UM; Prof, LI Ying, Assistant Professor of FSS, UM; Ms. LAM Sze Lui, Senior Instructor of FAH, UM and Ms. LEI Fong Fei Functional Head of ADO.

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