At CKLC’s 2nd High Table Dinner, Dr. LAO Ngai Leong Shared Life Wisdom

On 28 November 2019, the University of Macau Cheong Kun Lun College (CKLC) successfully held its 2nd High Table Dinner of the academic year 2019/2020. Dr. LAO Ngai Leong, Macao representative of the National People’s Congress and Honorary Doctor of University of Macau, gave a keynote speech at the event. There were about 200 people present at the High Table Dinner, including the College Master and distinguished guests, teachers and students.

Prof. ZHANG Meifang, the College Master, made an opening remark to kick off the event. Dr. LAO Ngai Leong gave a keynote speech, titled “My life experience: ModestyLearningHard working”. Through his own life story sharing, Dr. LAO encouraged students to be modest, honest, hardworking and caring. Dr. LAO Ngai Leong suggested that students cherish the time at University, strive for any opportunity for continuous learning and self-improvement. His speech left a deep impression on the students.

College students gave several performance during the dinner, included acapella by a group of students (Ms. Jacinthe LUO, Mr. Dell WONG, Ms. Tiffany LAO, Mr. Ewan WANG, Ms. Iris CHEN, Mr. Ason LEI, Mr. Jack FUNG and Ms. Una LE); Piano duet by Mr. Corey WU and Mr. Gary SONG; Piano and violin duet by Mr. Jack FUNG and Ms. Hester ZHANG; and the final performance by College band team ‘TIAA’, (team members include: Mr. Ewan WANG, Mr. Hins LIN, Ms. Iris CHEN Mr. Ason LEI and Ms. Violet HE). These wonderful performances brought a lively atmosphere to the dinner, which was truly a memorable night for everyone.

Honorable guests at the dinner include: Dr. LAO Ngai Leong,; Prof. Rui Paulo Da Silva Martins,Vice Rector of UM (Global affairs); Prof. HU WeiXing, Dean and Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Social Science, UM; Dr. LAU Yun Tung, College Master of Chao Kuang Piu College, UM; Dr. WU JianZhong, University Librarian, UM; Ms. Grace CHAU, Director of Office of Sports Affairs, UM; Ms. LIN Zi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau); Mr. LAO Chi Long, Chong Sai Com Enterprise Co. Ltd. Operation Director; Mr. GE Shuai, Chong Sai Com Enterprise Co. Ltd. Chairman assistant; Prof. ZHANG ZeXun, Associate Professor of FBA, UM; Prof. WANG Ying, Associate Professor of ICMS, UM; Prof. TING Yi-Feng, Assistant Professor of FSS, UM; Dr. SHAO Zhi Li, Assistant Professor of FBA, UM; Prof. JIANG ChunLian, Assistant Professor of FED, UM; Ms. Vicki SIO, Representative of Macao Sacred Heart Canossian College (Chinse session); Ms. Crystal AO, Ms. Theresa WONG, Ms. Angel LO, Ms. Angel AU, students of Macao Sacred Heart Canossian College (Chinese Session).

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