Emergency Contacts 緊急求助電話

CKLC Hotline 書院熱線 (College reception): 6520 0013
UM Security Center 澳大保安中心 (24 hours): 8822 4126
UM Medical Center 澳大醫療中心 (office hours): 8822 4123
Maintenance 維修: 8822 2515
Elevator 電梯: 6323 1741 / 6323 1742
Macao Police 澳門治安警察局: 999
Emergency ambulance service 救護車服務: 999
Hospital Conde de São Januário 仁伯爵綜合醫院: 2831 3731
Kiang Wu Hospital 鏡湖醫院: 2837 1333

Emergency Assembly Place 緊急集合地點 (Fire accident 火警)

當火警鐘聲響起,請立即疏散至緊急集合地點 (E31學生活動中心及E32法學院前的空地)。

When you hear the fire alarm, please respond quickly to the evacuation assembly place (area between E31 Student Activity Center and E32 Faculty of Law.)

First Aid Boxes 急救藥箱

There are first aid boxes located in all pantries, Security Counter and General office for emergencies. For any assistance or refill, please contact CKLC office 8822 9520 / cklcollege@um.edu.mo.

書院於所有樓層茶水間、大堂保安處、行政辦公室放置急救箱,需要時可取用。如需協助或補充有關物品,請於辦公時間內聯繫書院辦公室8822 9520 / cklcollege@um.edu.mo.