CKLC turns Today’s lecture series online to share meaningful lectures among college students during the days of class suspension. In the past few weeks, with the contributions of CKLC HA Communications working group, our college fellow, Prof. Davood Gozli from Department of Psychology, and the local psychologist, Ms LAI Sio Ian, gave lectures on the topics of interpersonal relationships, death and life, as well as Mindfulness practice to students via the CKLC HA public account. Students have learned how to deal with various problems in these tense days. Many students agree with the famous saying from the founder of Mindfulness-based stress reduction, Jon Kabat-Zinn, that we “can’t stop the waves”, but we “can learn to surf”.

張崑崙書院「今日講堂」上線,向院生分享各種有意義網上課堂活動,讓院生在家可以與其他同學共同學習,渡過疫情蔓延的日子。首先是,透過院生會公眾號,書院導師及心理學系Gozli教授,以及靜觀導師黎小甄小姐,與院生們分享了各個關於人際關係的反思、生命與死亡、以及靜觀練習的課堂。學生們學習了在對抗疫情的日子裡如何面對不同的困難。大家認同靜觀大師卡巴金 (Jon Kabat-Zinn) 的名言,我們「無法平息風浪」,但我們可以與院生一起「學會滑浪」。