Dear CKLC members,

The election committee of CKLC house association executives election 2020-2021 has announced the below voting result on 10 April. With no objection received in the past two days, we now officially announce the result as valid. Congratulations to the newly elected executives!

Total number of votes received: 193

Voter turnout: 33.91%

Election Result:

Group 1 啓睿閣 109 

Group 2 騏驥閣 84 

The newly elected Executives of CKLC House Association 2020/2021 are :


President 吳欣媛 Ng Ian Wun
Vice President  馮捷康  Fung Chit Hong
Vice President 劉盈利  Lao Ieng Lei

Best regards,

Election Committee of CKLC House Association Executives Election 2020-2021