The Clay Workshop “Silk Road Culture—— From Tradition to Modern” held by Cheong Kun Lun college has come to fruitful end. Student’s works are exhibited at CKLC dining hall in late November. And they are allowed to present at the University Gallery in early 2019.

This workshop consists of 3 class sessions. Under the guide of Prof. Zhang Zexun, the whole progress from model making, coloring to product finishing was completed by the students alone. This activity aims at enhancing students’ creative ability. Students’ works display various style and features, which present their boundless passion and fanatic creation.

Plane model shou by Li Minyao from the major of Economy, combining traditional Chinese culture element shou with modern present mean, extends the filial piety and great blessing to elders. It reflects the pure and warm love to long exist. Stereoscopic model Happy Cup by Chen Qiwen from primary education major, express the simplest and purist happiness with colorful expression. It also reflects our longing for happy life. Other works, simple or complex, display the diversified charm and creation of nowadays college students.

Now let’s enjoy the fabulous outcomes together: