CKLC devotes to establishing and developing a vibrant living and learning community to help its members grow into well-rounded graduates who are knowledgeable, self-reflective, socially responsible, respect for others, with wide interests, the ability to rise up in a challenging and multicultural environment, engage in lifelong learning, and with the following characteristics:

陽光 Be sunny: CKLC student builds up a healthy body and a strong mind, be positive and compassionate.

誠實 Be honest: CKLC student behaves honestly and strives to build a community of trust.

合作 Be cooperative: CKLC student develops a strong team spirit and takes care of each other.

進取 Be driven: CKLC student seeks continuous self-improvement, yet be humble enough to learn from others.



In line with the ambitions articulated by the strategic plans of the University of Macau, our College’s mission is to

  • Providing students with a comfortable, safe and relaxing residential environment which is characterized by mutual respect and cooperation;
  • Providing students with opportunities for whole-person development, and integrate formal learning with college life through a rich variety of programs;
  • Establishing formal and informal networks to provide support to the welfare of students;
  • Facilitating students to develop the ability for life-long learning;
  • Providing opportunities for students to obtain experience in self-governance;
  • Introducing and integrating faculty members into student life and student bodies through informal sharing and by exploring their mutual interests.