Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are selected among senior College undergraduate students of good standing in the university. They are committed to taking care of residents on a given floor and to making a sound contribution to the operation of the College.

Ms. Ho Sok Ieng, Cecilia
Ms. Ho Sok Ieng, CeciliaFAH - English Studies
Hi, guys. Welcome to the Elegance family! I am Cecilia, a year 3 student majoring in English Studies. I am a curious person and dare to try something new. Recently, I am learning French. I have a wide range of interests. Travelling is one of my hobbies. If you have any interesting travel experience, welcome to share with me. I also enjoy sports, including running, cycling, playing badminton and so on. I am an easygoing person and like to make new friends. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to talk with me. Wish you a wonderful time here.
Mr. Ding Yi Ming, Eamon
Mr. Ding Yi Ming, EamonFBA - Accounting
Hi, everyone! My name is Ding Yiming. I am a Year 2 student and major in accounting. I am very glad to be one of the RAs this year. I love reading, appreciating art and watching movies. These have shaped me to be able to appreciate others and be good at discovering advantages from others. And I am very willing to help others, feel free to ask me for help. College is like a big family and we spread warmth and love to each other. In the following year, I hope you can join us and enjoy your university life in CKLC.
Mr. Wang Kaichong, Ewan
Mr. Wang Kaichong, EwanFBA - Finance
Hi! This is Ewan! Welcome to CKLC! It’s my greatest pleasure to serve as an RA this year. I love soccer and music. Currently, I am a member of our CKLC football team and band team. Should you have any difficulties with academy or life, or anything you would like to find someone to discuss, you are always more than welcome to approach me!
Mr. Wong ChiKin, Dell
Mr. Wong ChiKin, DellFST - Mathematics Education
Hello, my name is Dell. I’m a Year 3 student and major in Mathematics Education. On weekdays, I would organize a board game party to invite friends to attend, hoping that we could find friends with common interests in the party. For those who have no experience in board games, I will also organize some simple board game teaching. I hope you will enjoy friendship and laughter during the party. Besides board games, I like skateboarding and running. I’m learning how to take pictures and play the piano and I hope I can improve on these two skills in the New Year. If you encounter any problem in study or life, don’t be afraid of trouble and just ask me. I hope all of you in CKLC can have a wonderful year this year.
Ms. Zhang Yi Han, Hester
Ms. Zhang Yi Han, HesterFAH - English Studies
Hello, CKLCers, this is Hester. I am a junior, majoring in English Studies. This year I am one of the RAs from the Intelligence team.
I like travelling and reading. I am also a big movie fan. But please don’t think I am an introvert bookworm. I also enjoy taking part in activities. If you have any questions or just want to talk to someone, I could probably be a good choice.
I think reading and travelling to different places can make people wiser. Also, it is a great time for you to enhance your ability and obtain friendship by joining different activities in your campus life. I hope all of you guys could have an unbearable memory this year!
Mr. Li Ka Hei, Kalios
Mr. Li Ka Hei, KaliosFBA - Accounting
Hello guys, this is LI KA HEI and you can just call me Kalios. I am now majoring in Accounting.
I am interested in many things. If you play the guitar, you can ask me to jam. If you play games, you could invite me to team up, although I actually play bad.
And I come from Hong Kong. You can go to Hong Kong very conveniently from Macau. If you plan to go to Hong Kong for fun, just contact me.
Furthermore, welcome to CKLC and enjoy your life here. Do not be hesitate to talk with me!
Ms. Ung Wun Lam, Michelle
Ms. Ung Wun Lam, MichelleFST - Civil Engineering
Hello new CKLCers, I am Michelle, I am currently a local Year 1 Civil Engineering student from FST. I love to make jokes with my friends, watch movies, travel and would like to embrace challenges and explore new things all the time. Also, I like to join various activities to broaden my horizons during my leisure time. Moreover, I consider myself a good listener. You are always welcome to approach me when you encounter any hurdle and would like to find a person to talk to. I am sure we can find out the solution together. Please feel free to say Hi to me when we meet on campus. I wish you all a fruitful and memorable college life in CKLC.
Ms. Li ZiChun, Veness
Ms. Li ZiChun, VenessFED - Primary Education
Welcome to CKLC family. I am Veness, a Year 3 student from the Faculty of Education. I am easy to get along with so please do not hesitate to make friends with me. If you’re an extrovert, I can dance, go shopping and hold parties with you. If you’re an introvert, do not worried. We can read, watch movies or go for high tea. Whenever you have any questions, you could talk with me. I wish that I can help you deal with the problems in your college life. Looking forward to meeting you.
Mr. Li Yuan, Yuan
Mr. Li Yuan, YuanFST - Applied Physics and Chemistry
Hello everybody! Welcome to the CKLC family and lucky to meet you all here. I am Li Yuan. I am a second-year undergraduate student. So just feel free to consult me about anything whenever you need. I like playing badminton and I also have an interest in all other kinds of ball games. I will also be a considerate steward in your daily life when you have any trouble with the facilities or any other kinds of stuff. And above all, don’t be shy at any time and just treat me as your big brother—a nice and useful one. You will soon see how wonderful life is in this warm family – enjoy it, my friends.
Ms. Leong Man Chi, Angie
Ms. Leong Man Chi, AngieFED - English education
Hello, everyone! Welcome to CKLC! I’m Angie, I’m a Year 3 student, majoring in English education. I am an enthusiastic person and love smiling. Although you may think I have a quiet and gentle appearance, I like making new friends and joining different activities or playing games in my spare time. I am very easy-going and warmhearted, so please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any problems in your study or life. Or if you just want to chitchat with me, I’m also pleased to be your listener. Hope you guys can enjoy your life here and I’m looking forward to meeting you!
Mr. Si Tongleong, Ed
Mr. Si Tongleong, EdFSS - Psychology
Hello, everyone! Welcome to CKLC! I am Ed, a Year 3 undergraduate student, majoring in Psychology. I like pop music and comedies. I am a good listener, too. Welcome to communicate with me. I would like to make a good relationship with you guys in the future. CKLC RTRAs are your good friends in the College. If you have any problems, I will try my best to help you. Therefore, don’t be shy and just do what you want. Finally, I wish you great college life.
Ms. Lin Jingrui, Susie
Ms. Lin Jingrui, SusieFBA - Business Administration
Hello, everyone! Welcome to CKLC! I am Jingrui. I am a Year 2 student, majoring in Business Administration. It is such great luck that we all gather here to be parts of CKLC. Please feel free to communicate with me at any time and I would genuinely appreciate your comments. In my life, I have extensive interests, like all kinds of sports, especially table tennis, music, travelling and reading. If you just happen to be interested in them too, welcome to join me. Should you encounter any problems in the future, no matter in life or study, I am always here to help you. Can’t wait to see ya!
Mr. Ng Cheok Him, Error
Mr. Ng Cheok Him, ErrorFST - Civil Engineering
Hello everyone, my name is Ng Cheok Him and my English name is Error, You can call me Error. I am a Year 3 student, majoring in Civil Engineering. I am a cheerful person. I like learning different things to develop different interests. I am an outgoing person. If you meet any problems in University life, welcome to talk to me. I hope you all enjoy your happy freshman life.
Mr. LI XU, Lisa
Mr. LI XU, LisaFSS - Communication
Hey nice to see you here! I’m Lisa from Zhuhai. I love every fresh thing that is waiting for me to try and everything that makes me energized. That’s why I enjoy Sports that pulse my heart and study that excites my brain. Life is full of surprise, and it’s even more surprising that we meet in CKLC. Hope you always find yourself energized and refreshed with every surprise you encounter. Whenever you feel in need, I will be by your side.
Ms. Iek Nga Man, Sonia
Ms. Iek Nga Man, SoniaFED - Primary Education
Hi! This is Ewan! Welcome to CKLC! It’s my greatest pleasure to serve as an RA this year. I love soccer and music. Currently, I am a member of our CKLC football team and band team. Should you have any difficulties with academy or life, or anything you would like to find someone to discuss, you are always more than welcome to approach me!
Ms. Tao YIwei, Demi
Ms. Tao YIwei, DemiFST - Computer Science
Hi there, welcome to CKLC. I’m Demi, a year-3 student majoring in Computer Science. I’m from the northern part of mainland China but CKLC gives me a sense of belonging here. I hope we can make you feel like at home too. If you want to find someone to talk to or play with, please remember that there’s such person you can always turn to, Demi. I’ll be very pleased then. Wish you all have valuable time and enjoy your college life in CKLC. I can’t wait to see you.