Dr. Michelle LAM 林雪儀博士

Resident Fellow, Cheong Kun Lun College
Assistant Professor (by courtesy), Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Lam, S. I (2017). Typographying the Multilingualism of Macao. Paper presented at the 6th New Zealand Discourse Conference, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland.

Lam, S. I (2017). Discourse, Translation and Social Changes: A Critical 4 Discourse Analytical Approach to Macao Chief Executives’ policy addresses. Paper presented at Translation and Knowledge: From Knowledge Production to Collective Intelligence on the Web, Ajou University, South Korea.

Lam, S. I (2016). Censorship and Poetics in Audiovisual Translation-A case study of three Chinese translations of Mr & Mrs Smith. Paper presented at the 5th Asia-Pacific Forum on Translation & Intercultural Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Lam, S.I (2015). The External Manipulation of Audiovisual Translations. Paper presented at the 6th Cross-Straits Symposium on Translation and Intercultural Communication, Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan.

Book Chapter

Lam, S. I, & Lei, S. S. (2020). A Corpus-assisted Multimodal Approach to Offical Tourism Promotional Materials of Macao. In M. Zhang & D. Feng (Eds.), Multimodality and Paratext in Translation Studies. London & New York: Routledge.

Qin, B., Zhang, X. & Lam, S. I. (2020) (Corresponding author). Participating and Expressing Attitues in New Media: a case study of comments on President Xi Jinping’s speech at UN. In B. Yang & W. Li (Eds.), Corpus-based Approaches to Grammar, Media and Health Discourse: Systemic Functional and Other Perspectives. Berlin: Springer.

Journal Paper Lam, S. I (2020). Chang of Ideologies of Macao in the Post-handover Period: A Corpus-based Discourse Analysis of Macao’s Policy Addresses. Taiwan Journal of Linguistics 18(1).