KLC’s College Master’s Language Workshop Seriesis initiated by the College Master Prof. Zhang Meifang, with the aim to provide a platform for students to practice and improve their language skills in various aspects. On January 23, the first session of the workshop series was held in W34-G006, with 36 attendees, much more than the original quota of 25. The first workshop, entitled Creativity in Language Use: How to Write an Event Report in Multi Modes, was chaired by Professor Zhang Meifang, and co-chaired by Princeton in Asia Fellow, Christian Angelos.
The focus of this workshop was to show students how to write effective event reports that are both succinct and informative. Professor Zhang started the workshop by explaining the elements that are necessary when creating a successful event report and then she identified these elements in a past event report. Mr. Angelos showed that the same elements are present in effective news reports.
The students were then given the opportunity to actively participate in identifying the same elements in another exemplary event report. The workshop concluded with a discussion centered around translating the titles of news stories as well as how the same practices present in writing event reports are necessary in news analysis. At the end of the session, Prof. Zhang invited students to pose questions and give suggestions for future workshops.